Q: Who runs the club?

Ranford Junior Soccer ball Club is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. When registering with this club, we require that you contribute to the values of the club by complying with policies, procedures, and codes of conduct. This is important to support the Club to ensure that all children enjoy their Soccer safely, learn the game and benefit from playing a team sport.


Q: When does the season start?

The season generally runs from April – September with preseason starting in March


Q: When and where are games played?

All games are played on Saturday mornings at Ranford Oval

Juniors Years 1 & 2 – 9am kick-off

Intermediate years 3 & 4 – 10am kick-off

Seniors Years 5 ,6 7 – 11am kick- off


Q: When will my child train?

Training times will be from 4:45pm to 5:45pm at Ranford Oval. Teams usually train a minimum of once per week on a Monday or Wednesday.

Juniors & Intermediates – Mondays – TBC

Seniors – Wednesdays -TBC


 Q: What is the minimum age or school year for registration

We accept registrations for children who are in year 1 and turn 6 years old.


Q: My child is young and hasn't played football before - how can he/she get started

RJSC offers the chance to learn skills & get started playing soccer.


Q: What division will my child play in?

 Normally a player registers to play in his/her school year group. However, Girls playing in mixed-gender teams can opt to play one age group younger than their true age group.


Q: Can my child play in a team with his/her friends?

Unfortunately, our policy is we only allow siblings to be placed in the same team. We will also grade players based on their skill level and place them equally in the teams.


Q: When will I know what team my child is in?

Following grading, players will then be assigned to teams. This information will be announced at start of season after grading.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy?

Players are supplied with a full playing kit (shorts, socks & playing top). Players will need to purchase soccer boots and shin-pads. Children can't train or play without boots and shin-pads.


Q: What do my fees pay for?

Our fees are associated with the running of the club i.e. Insurances hire of the oval, end of season presentation trophies etc.


Q: What are the requirements of parents?

Parent participation is essential in supporting and assisting in the running of the club and its amenities. Ideally helping with setup and pack down and if required to put up your hand as a referee.


Q: What are the consequences of on or off field inappropriate behaviour?

All players, team officials and spectators are required to adhere to the codes of conduct, rules, regulations, conditions, and decisions of Ranford Junior Soccer club- please take time to read these documents on the club's website. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for


inappropriate behaviour by parents, spectators, particularly in relation to negative behaviour towards referees.


Q: If I decide to withdraw after registering, can I get a refund?

No registration refunds will be given after a player has been graded and or allocated to a team.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have suggestions or complaints?

If you have a suggestion, concern, or complaint, first point of call is your Coach or the Committee. A negative review will not resolve issues.


Q: What if I have more questions?

As the pre-season period is extremely busy for the Club officials, please check the club website to see if the required info is available there. If it is not, feel free to contact the club. Please also be aware that all Committee have jobs and families and are involved in the Club on a voluntary basis.